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These are some of our most frequently asked questions with answers...
(We encourage guests to submit futherquestions to info@barn.org)


1. Do you really work in a barn?

Yes, 25 years ago the Morleys moved to a farm in the woods of New Hampshire. The family raised beef cattle and horses along with other assorted animals. The barn at that time held all the machinery and equipment as well as hay for the farm. As the years went by, and the animals were either sold, moved and / or eaten, the barn's upper story became a storage area for furniture and other odds and ends instead of hay. About 10 years ago, the original barn was hit by lightning and burnt to the ground.

The present day barn was built by family members on the old foundation. It is three stories high (totaling 60 feet)...with the equipment still stored in the bays below, the office in the middle and the conference room/loft uppermost. It is an extremely pleasant place to work and the commute...well, the barn IS in the backyard.


2. What does Dick Morley do?

This is one of our most difficult questions to answer, due to the complexity of Mr. Morley's work. He is an innovator and entrepreneur; a venture capitalist, lecturer, author, columnist and consultant. Mr. Morley's inventions touch everyone's life. Back in 1960, he was on the team that invented magnetic thin film....the same product that you see on credit cards and floppy discs. If you have any connection to manufacturing (or simply use any manufactured products), his invention, the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), is used on the factory floor to help manufacture that product. Any building that has independent HVAC zones for heating and cooling was probably built using his controls. The hand held terminal that the policeman uses to check out your license and registration was another invention of Dick Morley's. Overall, he holds 22 US and foreign patents.

Dick Morley has also founded about a dozen companies and invested in about 20 more. He, with the Breakfast Club, has provided Venture Capital to numerous high tech start up companies. As a lecturer, Dick has traveled the world from Beijing to Amsterdam, Australia to Germany, Korea, Japan and all over the United States to give talks about business strategies and manufacturing technologies of the future. The respected magazine, Manufacturing Automation, publishes Dick's monthly column on leading edge technology that encompasses everything from chaos theory to the Internet. As a consultant, Mr. Morley provides his clients with his expertise and the resources from a wide range of associates and affiliates from academia and industry,

Even with all of his accomplishments, Dick Morley remains very accessible and invites new ideas on a daily basis. He is a great guy to work for.


3. How can I get Venture Capital?

A Venture Capitalist is someone who invests first round money into a startup company. The Breakfast Club, composed of Dick Morley and a bunch of other accomplished guys, have a set criteria that needs to be matched before they will consider your company as an investment. First, the location of the company must be within an hour's drive of Nashua New Hampshire. Second, they ONLY invest pre-seed money....in other words...they only invest as the first go round. High tech companies ONLY need apply. If your company fits these criteria, send your two page executive summary to Deb for processing.


4. What is Chaos Theory?

Again a difficult question to answer due to its complexity. Basically, chaos theory refers to applying nonlinear mathematics to processes. Chaos theory has been finding a myriad of uses in realtime modeling, materials control, process predictions and genetic algorithms. Companies worldwide are embracing this new science.

Once a year, R. Morley Inc. sponsors the Chaos in Manufacturing conference. The Chaos in Manufacturing Conference in Santa Fe every April provides a theoretical view while focusing strongly on practical applications. Attending this conference has provided many dozens of companies with the knowledge and tools to apply chaos theory to their individual situations.


5. How do I get in contact with Dick Morley?

By far, the easiest and quickest way is to contact him via e-mail at Morley@barn.org. We are a tight knit group here at the Barn and, even if Dick is traveling, you will get a timely response from any email sent here. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any other information.

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