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Sound Bytes

Manufacturing Systems Magazine: Discontinued my column after five years. It was a mutual agreement but Kevin said it first.

Washington DC: A sales meeting to review a Vermont start-up company that wants to do huge virtual shows in Nevada. (D said "no" because altho it was high tech, the business wasn't viable.)

1995 Chevy Impala SS...Bubba: Had to replace the windshield. Replaced it with a solar shield that doesn't allow ANY radar thru it...so I can't use a radar detector!

Book: Work on the book is going well...I am pleased.

NCMS: NCMS is not responding well to the challenges of tomorrow's technology.

Automation International Systems: Went down to Texas and had a good time! Good people in a good company and lots of motorcycles. I was suitably impressed. I even got a nice leather jacket and when I field-tested it for the first time, it rained (of course). It keep me warm and dry from neck to hips. If you have a systems problem give Automation Int'l Systems a try.

Yaskawa Electric America (YEA): Don Tanimoto visited the Barn. We did the usual; good italian food and laughed alot. Talked about the future. I enjoy the Japanese because they think about long-term strategy not the short term survivability of the entity.

Eric Ren: OH YEAH! I am designing an Arnold Schwarzenegger-type vehicle exclusively for highway use with 1000 mile range. This is a fun project IN NO WAY a business project. The first one will cost mega-bucks (I want it BAD) so I need a brochure. We contacted our Star Wars artist (Eric Ren) to sketch up this quickly...even if it is impossible to build or design...expect to see it soon on our site!

Social Security: The dynamics of getting old mean that you have to work with the SS department...but hey, you get into movies cheap!

New Stuff: I started two new companies in September but I can't tell you anything about them cuz you'd steal them!

Standards for Eating Corn on the Cob: I gotta tell you my corn story. I had to give a talk on 1131 standardization. But my feeling was, who cared? I think that standards are an embargo on the intellect. Anyway, I was to give this talk at some meeting so I started looking for ideas.

My bride had gotten some corn-on-the-cob fresh from Teddy Frost's Farm and, after cutting out the corn borers, we sat down to eat a dinner of corn. I noticed that SAM (my wife), ate corn in a circular motion, rotating the cob...I called this the "spiral mode". Mas (the Barn's SysAdmin) ate corn from end to end..."typewriter mode". I then decided to try and determine the Standard for Eating Corn. After 20 mins of heated debate around the dinner table on the proper way to eat corn a certain demographic regulation standard came to light.

I then decided to verify this demonstration at a going away party for Flavors. I wanted to illustrate the problems with 1131 standardization and standards in general. I used the corn analogy to be a smart ass. After a table survey of eight people, it was determined that everyone ate "typewriter" fashion. Phew! The standard was safe. Subsequent discussion however, revealed that the "spiral" technique was often used on the ends of the cob to provide a grip to continue eating the corn in typewriter fashion. The new issue became whether the "spiral" technique was "better" clockwise or counterclockwise direction... and of course, another argument ensued. Since this discussion was only in regards to eating corn on the cob...corn fritters, creamed corn, corn meal, etc. were not even considered. Please note that none of the arguments focused on the primary issue of getting corn into the belly.... instead they all focused on how to "properly" eat it. I used this analogy at the 1131 meeting and the audience got up and cheered! 


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