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Be on the lookout for new and exciting projects coming in 2003!

The Blackbird NGV (Next Generation Vehicle) represents an entirely new concept in long hauling from the innovative mind of automotive industry veteran Dick Morley.

As of October 2001 Tark and R. Morley Inc have entered agreements for R. Morley Inc. to provide professional services to assist Tark in further developing its products and processes to make them the leader in hermatically sealed heat/cooling pumps.

Imagine being able to operate any kind of construction equipment via the web....the possibilities are immense.

Predictive Obsolecence
Beginning August 2001, R. Morley Inc has been investigating an innovative approach to predictive obsolecence with two companies in the electronics industry. The approach is based on a patented method called Loosely Coupled Sets, co- authored by Dick Morley.

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