RMI's Backhoe Server

This Java Interface demonstrates how the controls on a virtual CASE © backhoe operate. For those of you who are not certain as to what a backhoe is, a picture is available by clicking here. The big yellow machine behind Dick Morley on his Harley® is the backhoe. The part that you are virtually operating is the back portion with the long boom and shovel. Actual backhoe is already fitted with hydro-electric proportional valves. When you visit us at the Barn, we will be happy to provide you with demonstration. For the security purpose, it is not constantly online at the moment.

Please be patient... it may take a minute or so for the applet to load.

Once you see the knobs, click one and drag it. Moving the knob will cause the Virtual Backhoe to extend, retract, or bend it's boom. The controls are very similar to the actual controls of the Barn's CASE© backhoe.

We are currently in the process of linking the real backhoe to this site so that our guests will be able to operate it thru the Web.

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