This poem was written by Jack Grenard, the editor of Industrial Controls Intelligence & The PLC Insider's Newsletter. The newsletter is published monthly by Carefree Communications; Box 5268, Carefree, Arizona 85377 USA. Email Dick turned 65 on December 1st.

A Morley Song at Dawning
(In celebration of his 65th birthday)

She reared 25 kids,
He grew 25 companies:
No one like the likes of these.
The Morleys of New England
We'll remember for their boldness
In the depths of New Hampshire's coldness.
Their prolificity was frowned upon
By church-goin' geeks and Everymon.
But there was only one Modicon,
And so he kept a-buildin'.

On the shores of far Japan,
Dick sold a PIM, set up a LAN.
When he went out for sushi,
These unctuous descendants of Lucy
Disassembled the box
And got high-voltage shocks:
Inside, a million-dollar pile of sand.

These Macintosh folks
Seeded New England states
With Morley blokes
Look out, Billy Gates!

--Jack Grenard ©1997


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