All year long, in reserve,
are holidays that we observe.

January first is when the Year is New.
The birthday of King is in there too.

Feb's birthdays include George and Abe's.
As well as Valentine's for the babes.

March has St Pat's, Good Friday, Palm Sunday.
It sometimes has Easter. But when? I can't say.

April is normally graced with Easter and Passover.
Flowers to secretaries are then handed over.

Moms and Armed Forces are given a May say.
And Summer's beginning on Memorial day.

June has the days for the flag and for Dad.
July has the wondrous Fourth to be had.

September's Labor Day is Summer's end.
Handmade cards to Grandparents we all send.

Christopher Columbus, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur,
The Boss, your In-Laws, and Hallow's Eve in October.

Veteran's and Thanksgiving in November.
Hanukkah and Christmas in December.

Did you notice? August is left off this list.
August should have something, I must insist.

Since August is a month of summer recreation
I propose it become the month of vacation.

August should be the month of the pool
The 15th could be the Day of the Cool.

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